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Race Track Leasing Information

Talladega was built for motorcyclists by motorcyclists. It's primary function is for motorcycle racing. We do make it available for limited automobile use. It was built with the concept of affordability for small teams and clubs. Leasing rates are flexible depending on the size of the event. Fees are based on a 9 hour day from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with a 1 hour lunch break for ambulance crew. The entrance front Gate personnel will be provided by TGPR in all events. There will be a $5.00 per day gate fee for each participant & spectator with the exception of tune & testing events.

For more information or to lease the track call us at (256) 252-9200 or E-mail tgprinfo@gmail.com

Motorcycle Leasing Packages Available

Prices subject to change. Beat any price increase, reserve your dates early and lock in the early prices.

Talladega G.P.R. is still the most affordable road course around.

1. M/C Team Lease $1,300.00 Weekday, $1,600.00 Friday, $2,800.00 Sat or Sun

  • Max 10 participants
  • Max 3 bikes on track at one time
  • No aggressive passing
  • Ambulance required
  • 2 corner workers required

2. M/C Club Lease $1,600.00 Weekday, $1,950.00 Friday, $3,000.00 Sat or Sun

  • Max 20 participants
  • Max 7 bikes on track at one time
  • No aggressive passing
  • Ambulance required
  • 4 corner workers required
  • Additional liability insurance required

3. M/C Event Lease $2,300.00 Weekday, $2,600.00 Friday, $3,250.00 Sat or Sun

  • Max 25 bike on track at one time
  • Minimum 8 corner workers required
  • Aggressive passing allowed
  • 1 ambulance required, 2 ambulances recommended
  • Major event liability insurance required

Auto Leases Available

1. Race Car Tune & Test $1,500.00 Weekday, $1,950.00 Friday, $2,800.00 Sat or Sun

  • 5 car max
  • 1 Ambulance recommended

2. Auto Club Event / Driving School $1,950.00 Weekday, $2,350.00 Friday, $3,250.00 Sat or Sun

  • Max 10 cars on track at one time
  • Timed events allowed
  • No aggressive passing
  • 1 Ambulance required
  • Minimum 4 corner workers required
  • Insurance certificate required

3. Street Car Tune & Test $1,600.00 Weekday, $1,950.00 Fri, $2,800.00 Sat or Sun

  • Up to 15 participants. +$100.00 surcharge for each additional car
  • Max 3 cars on track at one time
  • No aggressive passing
  • No timed laps
  • Minimum 2 corner workers required

Additional Services Available

Gate/Crossing Attendant (required)$150.00 first 12 hours, $15 each additional hour
Ambulance $750.00 per day
Corner workers $.....under separate invoice from FBF
Event Controller $.....under separate invoice from FBF
Additional M/C liability ins $500.00 per day
Major M/C event ins $1000.00 1 day
Major M/C event ins $1500.00 2 days
Auto Ride & drive Ins $850.00 1st day
Auto Ride & drive Ins $300.00 additional days
Auto Time Trials Ins $1200.00 1st day
Main classroom $100.00 per event
PA system $50.00 per event
Corner Flag set $25.00 per set/ per event
FM radios $25.00 per pair/ per event
Electric service 10.00 per day 115v, $15.00 per day 30amp or 50 amp

Flagging by Faynisha, LLC
PO Box 31
Horton, AL 35980
256-878-0144 voice and fax


  1. No loud or racing engines to be run before 8:00am or after 5:00pm, also Sunday 11:00am to 12:00 noon. Quiet time during lunch break.
  2. No open pipes
  3. Vehicles will be allowed on track only while an ambulance is standing by and ready to respond immediately, during events requiring an ambulance
  4. No alcohol consumption during the hot track hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  5. No pets allowed in any building.
  6. All pet must be on a leash at all times
  7. No standing or sitting on hot pit wall.
  8. No loitering on hot pit road
  9. All children must be supervised at all times
  10. No children under 16 year old on hot pit road during the hot track hours
  11. Post no bills on any surface except for designated bulletin boards
  12. Speed limit in the pit and paddock area is 10mph
  13. No burnouts, spinning tires or throwing stones in the paddock area
  14. The lessee will be responsible for any damage to the track surface or facility in any manner
  15. Only vehicles of comparable performance on the track at same time.
  16. No refueling or oil changing on any asphalt surface
  17. Any oil or fuel spill must be cleaned up immediately
  18. Any vehicle with any fluid leaks will not be allowed on the track surface until repaired
  19. The lessee is responsible for all medical services
  20. K&K Ins. waivers are the only waivers to be used without prior approval
  21. Property will be vacated by 7:00pm on the last day of the contracted event
  22. Lessee will provide a minimum of 1 hour lunch break for the ambulance and safety crew
  23. No motorized vehicle allowed on the track after hot track hours
  24. The race track will be one way traffic at all times
  25. Lessee will be responsible to supply an acceptable number of safety crew as per type of event
  26. All pit bike and A.T.V. riders will wear a helmet
  27. All rider/drivers will wear proper helmet, racing suits, boots and gloves designed for high performance pavement riding/driving
  28. Lessee will be responsible to define and enforce adequate vehicle technical standards for high performance pavement riding/driving
  29. Authorized personnel only in starter's stand

Motorcycle specific

  1. No glycol base coolants allowed in any track bike
  2. No wheelies in the pit or paddock area

Auto specific

  1. ALL autos using the race track will keep all four wheels on the asphalt at ALL times. Dropping of ANY wheels off the pavement, at the entrance, apex or exit of the turns will not be permitted. Repeated offences and the driver may lose passenger privilege and/or lose track day privileges
  2. The first time any driver, except for students with an instructor in car. who loses control and/or all four wheels off the track may lose passenger privileges
  3. Any driver, except for students with an instructor in car. who repeatedly loses of control, and/or all 4 wheels off the track, may lose passenger privilege and lose track day privileges
  4. NO Drifting

All rules subject to discretion of Event Director.

Corner Workers & Event Controllers are available by contacting Faynisha or Tony "FBF" (Flagging by Faynisha) for professional services @ 256-878-0144

How to lease the track

  • Contact our leasing agent at tgprinfo@gmail.com or 256-252-9200 Monday – Thursday Noon - 7:00PM EST
  • Supply your contact information
  • Select type of event
  • Select your dates
  • Select additional services needed
  • Lock in your date with a small non-refundable initial deposit
  • You will receive your contract PDF by email.
  • Print out and sign two copies of the contract
  • Mail contract to TGPR with a check Payable to “Apice, LLC” for 50% of balance due
  • TGPR will return one signed copy to you
  • Contact FBF for flagging staff, if required for your event
  • Pay balance due on the day of the event

Our mailing address is:

46 Pilgrim Lane
Munford, Alabama 36268