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Talladega G.P.R. Trackday Information

Talladega G.P. Raceway, LLC will be hosting "In-House" Open Trackdays

  • Talladega G.P.R. Trackday  will be open to all motorcycle riders, new to trackdays and experienced track riders. Must be 16 years of age or above to ride on the track.

  • No previous club affiliation or membership fees required

  • The day will be split into several groups such as Newbie (beginners), Intermediate (experienced track riders) and Advanced (Racers)  Groups will be assigned at tech inspection.

  • The Novice group will have one or more control riders setting a moderate sport pace. 

  • Group assignments are not written in stone, some riders may be moved up or down as needed during the day. 

  • Spaces are limited to 30 per group

  • Pre-registration (prices subject to change)

  • A small $5.00 per day gate fee will be charged.

  • Walk-ins and space available only (prices subject to change)

  • Talladega G.P.R. trackdays will have ambulance and trained corner workers

  • Minimal bike prep (see below)

  • Hours will be 09:00am-12:00, and 1:00pm-5:00pm

  • Partial days will be available after the lunch break and space available

  • Limited Electricity service is available. Power fee is $20 a day, per event.

  • Registration will be through Talladega G.P. Raceway, LLC at 256-252-9200, email tgprinfo@gmail.com

Bike Preparation & Riding apparel

  1. Unplug head light and tail light. Tape over the lenses

  2. Plain water in radiator for Intermediate & Advanced groups (Water Wetter & VP Cool Down  are OK)

  3. Tape over or remove signal lights and mirrors

  4. Remove all license tags

  5. No fluid leaks. No glycol and/or ethyl based coolant is allowed in any bike. If we have to change it for you at the track there will be a $50 charge.

  6. All bikes must be muffled to 103db or lower. No open pipes

  7. Full riding suit.  Leather or ballistic fabric suits with reinforced elbows, knees. Two piece suits must fasten together.

  8. Sturdy full leather lace up or zip up boots. No slip on boots allowed. Boots must be at least 8" high

  9. Quality helmet with visor or goggles. Any tear off shields must be taped to helmet and must not removed while on the track

  10. Sturdy leather gloves

Talladega G.P.R. Trackday Regulations and Procedures

  1. Everyone entering the facility must sign the waiver at the front gate each day this includes family, crew & spectators.

  2. All riders are responsible for their own medical insurance

  3. No alcohol consumption during the trackday

  4. Pit road and paddock speed limit is 15mph

  5. No wheelies, burnouts or doughnuts in the pit or paddock area

  6. Pets must be on a leash.

  7. No pets in ANY building

  8. No over aggressive riding.  All passing must be done safely and courteously

  9. No stopping on the racing surface

  10. The race track is one way travel at all times

  11. Crew and family members are not allowed on to the race track during the trackday

  12. Only properly registered riders will be allowed to ride on the track. Anyone on the track without proper registration or anyone allowing, encouraging or facilitating an unregistered rider on the track will be asked to leave the facility and banned from future events

  13. No motorized vehicles allowed on the track before or after scheduled trackday hours

  14. Entry and exit crossings will not be done during active track sessions.